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If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

Albert Einstein

How this project idea came up is that, we are living in the “modern age”, everything goes very fast, there is no time for the common things in live and so also no time for reading generally. Children come to school in the first grade with about 6 years and most of them don’t really had a contact with books and could not develope love for reading. With the
time throughout their education they dont read, they dont write and think and so it comes that they can’t really express themselves and their vocabulary is very poor. Reading on storytelling is a creative way and it can change this. If we show students that reading can be interesting and funny, we will make them courious and they will start reading. Moreover, it is very fun for kids to adapt a good fairy tale. Fairy tales pass from hearth to hearth. They express deep truths about human history and nature. Children and also adults love fairy tales when they are told in a different perspectives. Good fairy tales have become a world’s cultural heritage instead of a country’s cultural heritage. Additionally, it is observed that when in class a subject is performed with fairy tales, it is %90 understood easily and is permanent. When the subject is taught with traditional methods, it is easily forgotten. Learning behind cultural borders means also to know something about our neighbors. So we think it is a big chance for learning to look over borders. Especially the theme-fairy tales-is a subject, where nearly every child can be part of and it is very motivating.We think, it is a big chance for teaching and learning, to let grow the motivation for learning, to open the view on living, to improve our competences and to boost school development.

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